CSE Live!


"The result was one of the best conference sites we’ve published in 20 years and it worked as good as it looked.


Alex’s contribution went well beyond building our site. When he takes on a client, he brings everything to the table; marketing, branding, web development, design.  Alex offered advice, he edited content and he took initiative to give us tools and strategies that really enhanced the user experience. We firmly believe that Alex’s work made a powerful impact with our audience and ultimately influenced the success of the event."


Stacy Wyatt,



Generating traffic & anticipation.

It is not everyday we get to work with the largest special events industry conference in Canada. This year marks the 20th anniversary of CSE Live! We worked with the CSE team and provided a user-friendly, attractive and informative online representation of the conference. In fact, we had a representative from BIZBASH fly in to see the show and told me that the website made the show a lot bigger than he had thought.

The CSE Live website is been completely redesigned and has over 35 pages. It is fully responsive, SEO-friendly and visually stunning.


• Custom animated graphics and call-to-actions.

• Animated and video slide show.

• Analytics installation

• Keyword research and optimization.

• Fully responsive and mobile friendly.

• Custom web fonts.

- Form integration with client's CRM.


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